The Reasons Why Digital Portable Radios are Better than Analogue Radios

Analogue radios were considered to be the most used of the two-way radio history, which actually had revolutionized communication in various industries.

In fact, the latest transformation when it comes to the two-way radio communications would be with the digital portable radios or DMR. If ever you want to know more about it, below are some of the benefits that could be acquired from considering a digital portable radio or also known as DMR from King Radios.

An Open Standard

DMR is considered to be an open standard, which in fact is not proprietary for any single manufacturer. DMR standards actually specify that DMR equipment needs to be compatible, which is why a radio would work for any network, which then helps to improve the availability of the pricing and the options.

Audio is Loud and Clear

A microphone analogue radio relays every sound, but the DMR will be able to provide you with clearer audio and it also comes with less distortion, less static or less background noise because this converts voice information to digital data. The smart new features in DMR in fact have an intelligent audio which adjusts on the volume of the radio so that this will fit with the noise level that’s present within the environment.

Coverage is Better

Digital portable radios will be able to provide better coverage whether this is across a single or multi site operation. When the single strength decreases, digital mobile radios have more range than the analogue due to the reason where the audio quality is maintained on the edge of a coverage area.

Have Advanced Control Features

A DMR standard uses a second time slot or TDMA for a reverse channel signalling. With first channels on call, instructions are sent to the radio through its second time slot channel. This enables a priority call control, remote control for the radio which is transmitting or emergency call pre-emption which is transmitting that gives a radio system operator with higher degree of control and flexibility.

Longer Battery Life

Digital technology is more energy efficient than the analogues because of the fact that the DMR technology uses a transmitter for the radio for half the time compared to narrowband analogue radios due to the TDMA. This will reduce the drain of the battery by about 50%, which will help to increase the talk time available between the charges and enable much longer communications for a single charge. You can see page for more details on digital technology.

Security is being Guaranteed

Protection of privacy is much easier with digital portable radios that have encryption and authentication to where the radio exchanges a key with the system first prior to the operation. Such features would be the reason as to why it becomes harder for others to listen on the frequency, making communications private. Find out more here:

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